This is as good a time as any to remind people that someone has color corrected the entirety of Green Arrow Volume 3, and that those who would like to read it absent of any whitewashing bullshit may feel free to download it here:

And of course to rehost the file wherever they feel is best if they wish to share it. Please, share it!

This isn’t my personal work, but I’ve shared it here before and am more than willing to again!

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Y’all got whitewashed Sin and whitewashed Connor Hawke in one episode!? These writers do not like POC at all. There is a massive long list of POC that they’ve “phased out” since Season One, and now they’re whitewashing characters…

So it was Sandra Hawke after all?




Not official but doesn’t Oliver have like two POC children? There’s Connor (black mother) and Robert (asian mother), but they choose a white woman this time? I’m sure they’re going to make him either Connor or Robert. They’ve whitewashed before and they will again.

Connor’s mother is half Korean and half Black, but this is otherwise correct. There was speculation that Cissie King, who is white, was his daughter, but that wasn’t confirmed.

Given what happened to Sin, I am not hopeful.

So, uh


I donno if there’s a lot we can do

But if you don’t mind dropping the official Twitter a line

That would be neat

[groans and curls up protectively around connor]

About Oliver’s son


In the comics, Oliver has a son whom he conceived in his early party days, before the island. His name is Connor Hawke and he is the second Green Arrow.


While I’m going down memory lane courtesy of the Connor Hawke tag trawler, I’d like to take a moment to mention how startlingly little communication there seems to have been between the writer and art team on this


That upper right hand panel, though

Since the beginning of GA V3 Connor’s been drawn with hair

And then here in issue - 8? 9? I forget - the point is, a good number of months into it

That “If you ever grow any” line makes it painfully clear that he was supposed to be bald the whole time, being in the Ashram as he was.

(Also, he was whitewashed as fuck throughout most of this, too, but me and my image editor had some opinions about that.)

Whitewashed Connor Hawke art


i cry because connor was so intent on learning archery because he wanted to be like his father even when connor’s strength was more in martial arts. and even when oliver was a dick, like connor never let that dream go.  just changed from wanting to be like oliver to wanting to be better than oliver

and connor, even when learning archery and being quite skilled at it, is a better martial artist than almost everybody.  connor’s great. why doesn’t connor have like five books?

Connor Hawke - Dragon’s Blood